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Welcome to Providence Shop, home page to "The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God)"

God Speaks to Homes and Churches on Salvation...And the Changes Coming!

Includes a Foreword on New York City

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Anyone can say they hear from God! But what do you do when the warnings you receive start to come to pass...And many yet to happen are addressed to The United States of America?

We are warned, "What you see to the East is coming to the West!"

There are changes coming-Even to the U.S.A.! Providence Shop is a Christian site to warn you of some of these changes and help you get your heart, home and church prepared. We introduce the book "The Ezekiel Files" (Messages from God), and include NEW Messages and Warnings received for the Church and the U.S.A. that are not included in the book. Some of the messages in the book have been tracked for over 20 years, and show a pattern that strongly suggests drastic changes coming to our nation and the world! These messages are shared so you can read them, judge them, and get prepared!

We have a lot to share, and have outlined the features of this site below.
BOOKMARK this site...And share Providence Shop with other hearts, homes and churches!


In 1990-1991, four newsletters (called the Prophecy Network Newsletter) were sent to over 70 Christian Organizations, Church Headquarters and Ministries...Warning them of changes coming to the U.S.A. and world! These warnings are coming to pass, and are now available to homes and churches in...


What's revealed inside "The Ezekiel Files" will startle you, inspire you, teach you, and help you and your loved ones find your safe place with God. Make sure you and your household are saved...And get your home and church ready for the changes coming!

Events in Syria has Author concerned...

More About the Book and Author

This book was written by C.M. Edwards, a housewife in the Midwest. After God saved her in her home in 1981, He began to teach her the Bible and speak to her about changes coming to the U.S.A. and world. She wrote down everything she heard, and shares from her collection of messages and teachings in "The Ezekiel Files (Messages From God)."

This is a book of warnings to find your safe place with God and get ready for the changes coming! It includes over 130 "Messages from God" to hearts, homes, churches, teachers and leaders-And calls on them to return to God and get prepared for tough times ahead! In the messages, God speaks of coming events around the world, and warns, "What you see to the East is coming to the West!" God puts the U.S.A. on alert, as He calls on hearts for Salvation, pastors to preach the Gospel, and strongly instructs the Church and the Nation to repent, wake up and get ready for drastic changes coming!

The author shares the book because warnings she received are coming to pass! Her book forewarned twenty years ago of changes in the U.S.S.R, the devastation in Yugoslavia, the war in Iraq, job losses in the U.S.A., and the situation now occurring in Syria! All of these events are signs given in the book to get many prepared for the other warnings yet to occur...Warnings specifically addressed to the U.S.A.!

"The Ezekiel Files" guides hearts back to God and the Bible to get saved and ready for the days to come. The author shares God's free gift of Salvation, how to receive it, and how not to be deceived; as God prepares His Church for what's to come and gives a shocking picture on how the world and our Nation will soon change!

The Ezekiel Files is a book for both the saved and unsaved
And was written for all hearts, homes, churches, teachers and leaders...

Why should you read The Ezekiel Files?

The Ezekiel Files will alert and prepare Hearts and Homes

Many go to church, but may not be saved (as these messages will reveal)! On the other hand, many do not attend church but want to know how to be saved. Some may also be angry with God; or were turned away from God by what they saw, heard, or experienced in their life. The Ezekiel Files will bring your heart back to God. This information includes personal messages from God about His love and free gift of salvation as God calls upon many hearts to return to Him and receive Jesus Christ into your own heart and home.

The messages also alert many to what's going on in the world, and what changes are coming in religion, government, and society! With so much chaos and deception in the world today, the information shared in these messages and teachings will alert many hearts and homes-As it shows you how to be saved, how to prepare for the changes coming, what to beware of, and how not to be deceived! It will show how you can approach God yourself so you will know the truth inside your own heart!

All the information shared in The Ezekiel Files leads hearts and homes back to God and the Bible, and shows the importance of you making yourself responsible for staying alert, knowing the truth, and having a close walk with God. It reveals both the grace and wrath of God, and warns about tough times that could lie ahead-Even in the U.S.A.!

The Ezekiel Files will alert and prepare Churches and Leaders

We are living in a time where many churches and leaders are walking away from God's love and Truth. The messages, warnings, and teachings shared will bring many leaders and teachers back to God and His Word. It includes letters to the Church and personal encouragement to leaders and teachers to renew their own lives and calling with God. It also includes many warnings, as God reminds the leaders in the Church of their responsibilities and urges them to begin to prepare their own hearts and congregation for the changes coming-Including persecution to Christians in the U.S.A.!

Final Warnings to America (in Chapter 12) also warns all leaders (both church and government leaders) to turn their hearts back to God, repent, and do God's will.

Includes a warning to Pastors in the U.S.A.:
"Preparing The Church in America to go Underground!"

To all who read The Ezekiel Files:
Get ready to approach a living God...With your own heart!

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For many years, we have sent 'God's Warnings' to main Denominations and World Agencies. Now we are reaching out to families and the local church...

There's something about The Ezekiel Files

The messages in this book have been shared for almost 30 years...As God calls on hearts to be saved and pastors to prepare the local church and return to the preaching of The Gospel. But you will also see events warned about years ago still coming to pass today, and running across the screens of FOX, MSNBC, CNN and other World News channels (even sometimes using the same words and phrases as used in the messages).

There is something about this book, as God warns of upcoming situations-Warnings you will not find anywhere else! God also seems to give a personal invitation to Salvation to whoever reads it, and leaves behind many confirmations that the messages are from Him.

We encourage you to step back from the crowd, get alone with God, and ask Him to show you the truth...As you read "The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God)."


For more about the Book, Messages and Warnings...


Includes beginning warnings to America, Review of Book, and New Messages to Church and U.S.A.

Make sure you and your
household are saved...

When one person in a home gets saved, and they begin to pray for loved ones, God comes in and saves the whole household! Read Adrian's Story (see link below) and the story behind The Ezekiel Files (at the end of the book) and find out how God still makes house-calls today. Then pray for your loved ones to be saved.

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