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The Prophesy Corner at Providence Shop introduces and reviews the book THE EZEKIEL FILES (Messages From God). It also includes 'New Messages and Warnings' received for the Church and the U.S.A. that are not included in the book.

This information is shared because some of the warnings received in the book are coming to pass! Many warnings yet to occur are addressed to the U.S.A.! If all of the warnings come to pass, the U.S.A. needs to get ready for drastic and sudden changes coming! Please give God your heart as you read what we share with you in faith. Make sure you and your household are saved, and get your home and church ready for the changes coming!

U.S. Warned To Prepare For Midwest Earthquakes
There Are Changes Coming to the U.S.A.
What we see to the East is coming to the West
Startling excerpts from two messages received in 1997
God is warnings hearts, homes and churches to get prepared
How The Ezekiel Files Began-A Word From The Author
The Importance Of Salvation
Now Is The Time To Get God Into Your Heart And Home
God Urges Christians To Take A Stand
The Providence Warning
Returning A Nation Back To God
Here is what God wants from the U.S.A.
Make sure your household is saved
Get your local church prepared
Are you a friend or an enemy to God
A Preparedness Warning

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U.S. Warned To Prepare For Midwest Earthquakes

(In February of 2012, I emailed a warning to have prayer for New York City and the East Coast. I wasn't sure what was going on, but knew God was alerting me to a type of '911' (total destruction) event coming. Eight months later, on October 29, the Super Storm 'Sandy' hits the East Coast, breaking records and devastating many states. I share what happened here only to encourage you to take the following warning serious, and pray...)

In February of 1990, a Midwest Earthquake Warning was given in the book, The Ezekiel Files, that could bring total devastation! God is warning the U.S. again to get prepared.

This earthquake warning was first shared about 20 years ago. Shortly after, the ground did begin to shake. America prayed, and the shaking stopped. With other warnings coming to pass that were received as long as 20 years back, I am very concerned about this repeated Midwest Earthquake warning.

A 2017 UPDATE: This word has been shared for many years now. I am asking everyone to continue to pray, stay prepared, and seek God's face. Keep in mind that God is looking for hearts that belong to Him, and will only settle for TRUE REPENTANCE OF HEARTS, as mentioned in A National Call to Prayer.

To read the 1990 Message on this Earthquake Warning, click here

There Are Changes Coming to the U.S.A.

The United States has been experiencing many shaking-ups, like September 11, 2001, destructive weather patterns with flooding and storms, economic turmoil with foreclosures and job losses, increased shootings and violence, and more. Everyone seems to say, "It's the worst they've ever seen!"

Know what we are seeing is just the beginning of what's to come! Troubling events seem to be increasing in frequency and strength. With regards to weather and nature, it also seems to be getting harder and harder for emergency relief efforts to provide the needs for all. Use all the events you see happening as examples on how to get prepared yourself. We are also strongly suggesting that homes, churches, institutions and local government agencies be ready to reach out to your community! Now is the time to pull together and get prepared for the unexpected before it happens.

Many are warning the U.S.A. of changes coming! In addition to the warnings shared on our site, other nations are warning the U.S. to wake up and be aware of the changes taking place. Some who have come to America for their freedom and safety, who were forced to flee their homeland (like in Yugoslavia), are warning what they see happening here is what they saw in their own country before the chaos broke out! In regards to Christian persecution coming to the U.S.A., Jewish leaders have been warning the Christian Church leaders in America for years that what they see happening in the U.S. was seen right before the Jewish Holocaust...And told them to beware! (Pastors, see "Preparing your local church" in right column.)

There are changes coming to the U.S.A., and Providence Shop is a Christian site to alert you to these and other warnings and how to get prepared. The warnings are two-fold: Some include judgments placed on the U.S.A. from God; other warnings are 'signs of the times' found in the Bible. As mentioned above, this is also the home page to the book, The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God). Read it, be informed, and get your heart, home and church ready for the days that lie ahead!

THE EZEKIEL FILES Warns Homes & Churches
"What we see to the East is coming to the West"

In 1990-1991, four newsletters (called the Prophecy Network Newsletter) were sent to over 70 Christian Organizations, Church Headquarters and Ministries...Warning them of changes coming to the U.S.A., and to share it with their congregations. These warnings are coming to pass, and are now available to homes and churches in a book called The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God).

This book has a new cover but shares the same messages included in the original book first published in 2001. However, since then, NEW WARNINGS FOR THE CHURCH AND THE U.S.A. have been received...And are shared here on the Main Prophecy page and also the New Messages page. For more about the book and messages, just stroll down.

This book forewarned 20 years ago of job closings, long food lines, economic collapse and more coming to the U.S.A.! The messages begin with a shocking foreword on the September 11, 2001 tragedy, where God calls on the U.S.A. to repent; and forewarned of such events as the war in Iraq, the devastation in Yugoslavia, changes in the U.S.S.R., airstrikes hitting U.S. soil, and the current turmoil occurring in Syria!"

The Ezekiel Files sets the stage, as it warns the U.S.A. to wake up and get ready for the changes coming. Below are excerpts from two messages received in 1997...

"You are heading into a period of time I have been warning you about for some time now, and have encouraged many to prepare for. The time is come whereby the government, the U.S. government, shall change over/change hands. When this occurs shall all chaos break out. You'll see people running to and fro, scared and panicked. But, know that Mine hand is upon My children, My true children of God.

When this chaos begins, many who were told shall awaken and begin to really seek My face. But, many will run scared, never to seek Me, their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Once the U.S. begins their change, other nations will then make known their plan as well. It will be the same plan as the U.S. - A One World Government that has taken over overnight! The whole world will panic. But, after certain officials speak to the world as a whole, many shall become relieved, while a few will shriek in horror of what has taken place!

This is not a time to fill the churches! Homes should set up secret prayer groups/meetings, for many will be looking for spiritual guidance. New age teachers shall replace the present age evangelists on TV and radio. Many, many shall be deceived. Others will go underground; those who knew of this to happen and were warned and prepared ahead of time. Many Christians will not escape; those who weren't warned, or if were, did not prepare! Also, some true believers will be (killed) for their beliefs-many who stood in the front lines to preach a true Gospel!

Stay alert. Seek My face at all times, not to let the devil place distractions about you. Keep your eyes and heart firmly planted on Me and My Word, and to the daily instructions I give to you and all who hear Me. Your loving Lord speaks.

Don't expect these changes/occurrences to be taken seriously with the American people. Many will go on as usual. Many of the American people have become lost in their own luxuries. The pressures of paying for, and the determination to enjoy these luxuries, have totally blinded the hearts, and thus, their eyes (spiritual seeing ability) to what is really going on. Don't let the media fool you. Americans have become blind to the things of God, and will not be able to see or stand in the times that lie very close ahead...

Many churches, even Christian organizations and meetings, have already been infiltrated, taken over by the world. Where the world operates, the Holy Spirit backs off and will not enter. Where church leaders and their followers have chosen to turn their backs on God, His Word and His Spirit, I shall have no mercy for! Choose this day whom you shall serve, says the Lord of Hosts. Choose life or death. Be friends with the world or with Me, says the Lord...

Things have been quiet. But I come to warn you, the true children of God, do not fall to sleep! You will have to listen and walk in faith as did My children of the old days. Know that you are coming into a period of time that is very important to Me, says the Lord - The Second Coming of Jesus Christ onto earth. Much shall happen before this, and many shall have to stand in faith. You'll see persecution like it is occurring in other countries. But with Me you shall stand!

A small mustard seed of faith is all you need; My Spirit shall take care of the rest. Take a stand of faith with Me, your God, and let your voice be well noticed during this time of struggle. I shall lead many to you (My other flock), and they too shall see I am the only true, living God of Israel. Come in with your faith, says the Lord. Come into My Kingdom with that small seed of faith, and I shall reveal Myself to all who ask. Your mighty God speaks.

As before you, you shall have to endure many things. But know I am there by your side. Many DO NOT know Me, their Lord. Take this time to do so now. Get Me into your hearts and into your homes. Read My Word and learn how to listen to Me-to the Spirit-as He guides you daily to your safe spot...

When you are standing alone in your homes and you know not what to do, call upon My name and I shall answer you, says the Lord. All who choose to come to Me, I shall reveal Myself to you. And I shall hear you and rescue you, says the Lord."

What we see to the East is coming to the West!
God is warnings hearts, homes and churches to get prepared!

In The Ezekiel Files, God warns of coming events around the world, calls on hearts for Salvation, and warns America to get prepared for: Deceptive changes in church and government, an increase in civil and social unrest, economic crisis, food and job shortages, unusual weather, natural disasters, riots, cities burning, tanks in the streets, locked church doors, and more.

God also gives words of love and warnings in 'Letters to the Church', rebukes church and government leaders for not doing His will, and speaks of judgment coming to the U.S.A.; as He warns members in the Church to wake up-And pastors in America to prepare their churches to go underground!

How The Ezekiel Files Began-A Word From The Author

The Ezekiel Files came about after years of personal events. It all began when, in 1981, I began to seek God with all the turmoil in my home, life and marriage. It was then that I watched a Billy Graham Crusade on the television, called the number on the screen, and prayed with a counselor. God saved me and showed me He was real, and has been a part of my life ever since. But through the next six years, the same turmoil returned. And I, again, got on my knees to seek God. Through a series of interventions from God, in 1987 I began to hear this 'soft voice' inside, and I wrote down everything I heard. What started as personal messages soon turned into warnings about 'things to come'. And I called this later collection of messages "The Ezekiel Files" (Ezekiel in the Bible means "God strengthens").

Everything I heard was put inside my personal collection. However, when I noticed that some of the warnings I received were coming to pass and repeated on the nightly news, I began to share them with Christian organizations, ministries, family and friends. I continue to share them today because some warnings are still coming to pass. There are also many warnings yet to occur that refer to the United States. I have no idea if all the warnings will happen or if I heard them all right. In fact, I hope many of the warnings do not happen! But I have to continue to share the messages so homes and churches are at least aware of what could happen here in the U.S., pray and get prepared.

The Importance Of Salvation

I was surprised when some of the messages I received started to come to light. However, I was even more surprised to find out what God began to show me about Salvation. I went to church most of my earlier years, and just assumed church attendance and trying to be good enough was what got one into heaven. However, God spent time with me and took me into the Bible to show me what true Salvation was all about! I was shocked to find out it had nothing to do with church attendance or being good enough. Instead, it involved one making a personal decision to receive and confess Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and get to know Him and the One that sent Him-The Father. The reality of Jesus and all He began to show me always amazed me, and I include the studies I received on Salvation and other topics in my book.

Many make Salvation so hard, confusing, and sometimes impossible. But the truth about Salvation is it's a free gift from God offered to you (whoever you are), it is received when you say 'yes' to Jesus Christ, and the decision can be made wherever you are (even if it's in your own home)! Jesus Christ still has His arms opened wide for ANYONE who wants to receive and follow Him! The care and love He expressed for the lost and hurting is just as real today as it was for those in Bible days when He walked the earth over 2,000 years ago. This same love is also expressed in the messages shared in The Ezekiel Files. (Likewise, Jesus also rebukes the religious leaders today like He did in the Bible for not doing His will-Warnings that are also shared in The Ezekiel Files.)

There are many preaching Salvation through Jesus Christ all over the world today. However, my favorite is Billy Graham. I have banners on this site that go to The Billy Graham Classics (an archive of old television crusades he gave over the years), their newer site PeaceWithGod.net, and their tv show BillyGraham.TV. These are places to go to learn about Salvation and the things of God, say a prayer to receive Jesus Christ to be saved, and learn how to daily grow with God.

Now Is The Time To Get God Into Your Heart And Home

There are changes coming and you want to get prepared! Not many churches are preaching to you all you need to know! You want to make sure you receive God's free gift of Salvation for you and your loved ones, and have God's guidance through the days that lie ahead. I always tell others to get saved today and grow with God one day at a time! Seriously open your heart and home to God. Study God's Word, get to know Him, ask questions, and spend personal time with Him for this is how you learn to trust Him. God told me many times to just sit down and have a cup of coffee with Him. And though this might seem silly to some, I've spent many lunch breaks with God. In fact, some of these messages were received during my lunch breaks at work.

NOW IS THE TIME to make yourself responsible for knowing God's truth! God is a living and personal God that wants personal attention. Once YOU begin to approach God One to one, you will find out how real He is! Never in my life would I have thought such a God existed if He hadn't made Himself known to me the way He did. Ask God to reveal Himself to you! Begin by asking His Son, Jesus Christ, into your heart today!

To read more about The Ezekiel Files, click here

God Urges Christians To Take A Stand

Message below taken from The Providence Warning

"I have a strong message for all who will listen. TURN TO ME TODAY! For coming are many changes to the U.S.A. and world-Sudden changes that will affect the way you see Me, your God...America is now being shakened down to change their views of Me, their Lord, and encouraged to give up all I at one time had blessed America with. If you do not stop today and choose to take a stand for all I AM and stand for-TRUTH-you shall be quickly taken down a road of complete deception and destruction of you, your loved ones, and all you hold dear in your hearts today..."

THE PROVIDENCE WARNING reveals how God will spare America if hearts return to Him. In it, God warns America of the deceptive path it's on, encourages it to take a stand for truth, and calls on hearts for Salvation. God also reveals His anger against the teachers and leaders of God who are not doing His will, and calls on them to repent and return to the preaching of The Gospel!


Returning A Nation Back To God

The U.S. was once a nation greatly blessed by God. However, through the years, it has slowly taken God out of our government, schools, institutions, homes, churches, and the way we live. Because of this, God is calling on the U.S.A. to repent! God wants to restore His favor upon our nation; but to do that, God needs the hearts of the people to turn back to Him. And as you will read below, God tells America just what He wants them to do...

Here is what God wants from the U.S.A.

- I want the churches that belong to Me, says the Lord, to return to Me with ALL their hearts and preach My Word. Open up the doors so My people can come in and truly be saved and delivered, says the Lord.

- I want the White House and ALL it's leaders to return to Me with ALL their hearts and do My will, says the Lord. To be saved, delivered and led of My Spirit-My Holy Spirit-The Helper, says the Lord.

- I want households and businesses to return to Me with ALL their hearts, says the Lord. To do My will, says the Lord.

- I want justice, says the Lord.

- I want reverence and respect, says the Lord.

- I want ALL your love and attention, says the Lord.

Turn back to Me, says the Lord, and let America prosper once again. Only in Mine eyes and with Mine hands shall this be done. In Jesus' mighty Name! Your mighty God speaks. Return to Me!

Deliver this to the people. They shall see that I AM God!

To read the entire July 9, 2009 message, click here

My concern for the U.S. is great. As you will find on our New Messages and Warnings page...More recent messages received are claiming 'TOTAL DESTRUCTION' because God says this is what it will take for America to take Him serious! In a message received in April of 2012, God calls America a 'pagan nation' with the murder of babies, and says the judgment He sends still will not be what America really deserves. (4,000 abortions take place in the United States each day, with over 57 million abortions between 1973-2012!)

When God removes His hand from a nation, we are no longer protected from the things we used to be protected from. God judges all nations, and I believe God is urgently calling on the U.S.A. to bring the hearts of a nation back to Himself before it's too late! Though a whole nation might not return, God will provide favor, protection and guidance to those who do...

2 Chronicles 15:2 says, "...the Lord is with you when you are with Him. And if you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you." (NASB)

One day EVERYONE will stand before God to give an account on how we lived our life here on earth. Return to God and the Bible. Receive God's free Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ and get the protection of God over your heart, home and church. Then pray for God to restore the U.S.A.!

Make sure your household is saved

Because no one is guaranteed tomorrow, we need to settle our Salvation with God today! Salvation is a free gift from God that cannot be earned. It is also a personal decision each of us must make to receive it. No one preached Salvation better than Reverend Billy Graham. Click on the 'Classics' banner above and respond to the 'Christ Invitation' offered in each crusade...

Also see BillyGraham.TV

HEAVEN: A New Message from Billy Graham

(DVD-ROM also available at Amazon.com)

Or click on the PeaceWithGod.net banner below...

Get your local church prepared

The local church is important today. However, when and if these changes arrive in the U.S.A., the presence and power of the local church will be needed even more. God is calling on the local pastors to seek His face, preach the Gospel, and get their congregations ready! Pastors are also warned to prepare their church for Christian persecution coming to the U.S.A.!


Visit "My Hope With Billy Graham"

Are you a friend or an enemy to God?

Many know God as a loving God but forget that God is also a warrior! I close this page with a warrior message taken from The Ezekiel Files. God has His spiritual Israel (the Church) and His physical Israel (the nation), and still watches over both. The warning below does not just speak to other nations and their stand with Israel (the nation), but to every heart, home, pastor in the church and leader in government...Are you a friend to God or an enemy?

To those who trample foot on God's holy ground!

"I will bring down all nations that trample foot on My holy ground, says the Lord your God. Every nation shall crumble. And even in these days, says the Lord, they too shall know that I am God!

Very soon you shall see armies line up against My holy city. Very soon you shall see a supernatural intervention from My hands, says the Lord your God. For whoever tramples down My people shall be destroyed even in this day, says the Lord.

Be ye alert. For many trumpets are sounding and many are yet to come forth. Listen carefully to these trumpets, for they are a wake up call to all who desire Me alone.

My wrath shall bestow all My traitors of love. Not one shall survive the turmoil and destruction-My wrath that I, your God, has planned for My weapon of attack, says the Lord your God.

My servants have bestowed many riches, but I am no where to be found within their hearts. Therefore, I too shall take the plunder and I shall loot their possessions they so eagerly lusted over.

Like Isaac and Jacob, so shall it be. For My people are still the apple of My eye, and I shall never abandon them. For I am a God of promise and I do not go back on My Word!

You see, My child, how I still tend to My friends and My enemies. I am the same today as yesterday, and I shall continue to be a just and loving God. But woe to those who trample where they did not sow; who cause iniquities to fall down upon those that I love, says the Lord. Their days shall soon end in destruction! Your mighty Lord speaks.

Wake up My people, for they have fallen asleep!"


READ A FOREWORD ON NEW YORK CITY (found on our 'More About Book' page)...AND A WARNING BY JONATHAN CAHN (found on our 'New Messages' page).

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The Ezekiel Files (Messages from God)

What's revealed inside "The Ezekiel Files" will startle you, inspire you, teach you, and help you and your loved ones find your safe place with God. Make sure you and your household are saved! And get your home and church ready for the changes coming!

TO VIEW OR ORDER...Click here

(Includes author's story at end of book)

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Find out how you can help prepare your
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At Providence Shop, we warn you of the impossible...And encourage you to prepare for the impossible! In the days ahead, you may experience interruptions in delivery of such items as food, water, and other daily needs. Also, with the anti-God feelings taking place already in the U.S.A., we believe even bibles may be hard to come by in the future. We encourage homes and churches to prepare for both. Search The Christian Corner Shops for Economy Bibles and more. And store at least a 30 day supply of food, water and necessities. Encourage and help your home, church and community prepare for possible changes coming!

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